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Buy healthy and well
socialize Golden Retriever puppies
at the comfort of your home, you never have
to be alone plus you do not have to move an inch!
About us

Here at, your number one source for Golden Retriever puppies. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best puppies, with a focus on temperament, health and the overall quality of the puppy. We have a personal vet who ensures our puppies are in the best health and shape possible, and of course a specialist in puppy food too.

The importance of vaccination cannot be underhooked, which is why all our puppies have been vaccinated with current and age-appropriate vaccinations, all puppies undergo a thorough vet check before they are being shipped off to their new families. Also, our puppies are raised amongst our kids and other pets so they already have a tolerance for other pets at a young age.


Golden Retrievers are built for action and love outdoor romps. If you like to hike or jog, your Golden will be happy to join you. And if you feel like tossing a ball in the backyard, they’d be more than happy to join you; true to their name, Goldens love to retrieve.

Tiring them out with 20-30 minutes of vigorous exercise twice a day will keep your dog mellow when he’s back inside. Slacking on the activity, however, could lead to behavior problems.

Like other retriever breeds, Goldens are naturally “mouthy,” and they’re happiest when they have something to carry in their mouths: a ball, soft toy, newspaper, or best of all, a smelly sock.

You’ll need to take special care if you’re raising a Golden puppy. These dogs grow very rapidly between the age of four and seven months, making them susceptible to bone disorders. Don’t let your Golden puppy run and play on very hard surfaces such as pavement until he’s at least two years old and his joints are fully formed. Normal play on grass is fine, and so are puppy agility classes.


Tweedmouth took Nous home to Scotland, and in 1868 and 1871, bred him to Belle, a Tweed Water Spaniel. Tweed Water Spaniels (now extinct) were known for being eager retrievers in the hunting field, and exceptionally calm and loyal in the home — characteristics you’ll find in today’s Golden Retrievers.

Nousand Belle’s descendants were bred with Wavy- and Flat-coated retrievers, another Tweed Water Spaniel, and a red setter. Tweedmouth kept mostly the yellow puppies to continue his breeding program, and gave others away to friends and relatives.

Not surprisingly, Tweedmouth’s breed first attracted attention for their skills in the hunting field. One of the most well-known was Don of Gerwyn, a liver-coated descendent of one of Tweedmouth’s dogs, who won the International Gundog League trial in 1904.

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